In Loop

February 1, 2022

Mistakes made from misunderstanding.
Words taken to the other edge.
Memory locked in the aisle of loops.
Not wanted, not cared for, only endless.
Timed approach becomes lessened patience.
Thoughts dive into the deep end.
Washed around with filter.
Soaked through woith past appointments

Is this evermore?
Will this be everyday?
Will this ever end?
Can I understand any longer?

Approaching with intended clarity.
But fumbling at the starting line.
More than it should spill over stains.
Marks made to clean but scratches are left.
With furniture that needs to be moved.
Place in points to make sense of self.
But the scratches remain whole

Start again, reset, restart.
Is this me?
Is this my need?
Can I stop this?
Am I this?

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