The Wrong Pool

February 22, 2022

Dusty thoughts lining dusty lips
Words uttered until bleeding through
Emotions cutting with no cauterization
Drank further down, digging deeper
No end is in sight and losing path
Fevered clutching scratches new pasts
Building further in a widened bearth
Changing lanes and crashing

The words tumble on to a confused audience
Difficult connections with harder ways to solve the problems
Heat needed to quell, to sleep, to look back at the burns
Sorrys carried ever more to put out the buildings flame
Too late they feel as the rising heart beats in thick thuds
Taking hits with calmed resolve until the pressing raises inside
Lost face from the pushes taking patience away
Disgusted at the self for dropping to depths unwanted

Swimming like I’m running out of breath
Trying to make sense of the lines
Smoothing the waves but crashed further
Building more to points of drowning
Grabbing the sides with bad results
Slipping and hitting against the rocks
Head throbbing from the granite punches
Blood trickling down tired eyes

Praying for the tides to settle
A break in the waves to allow oxygen
For only seconds past it rises again
Visceral intent feels certain
An explosion deals blow after blow
Poking to raise ghosts again
Another round in the mechanical pool
Thrusting again for more shadows gone

Whirlpooled blows repeat the last swim
With only redness building around
Showing off it’s stay like a suntan
It’s handle bares too much
Trying to keep the swim straight
But weak arms stop the exercise
Body sinking from the shattered verse
I can’t swim anymore
But I still am sorry I said I could

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