I Can't Sleep

January 22, 2022

I can’t sleep
Even though I’m tired
I can’t sleep
Brain deprived but wired
I can’t sleep
Shooting through the nerves

Keeping from drifting
No dreams, no dreams
Ever lessening the stage of sane
Just stop please, stop

I can’t sleep
Layered days toppling in the dark light
I can’t sleep
Dirty skin stacked glistening
I can’t sleep
Shooting through the minutes of fake peace
I can’t sleep
Lasting rest swimming away

No time felt, only winded persona
Legs gone, arms numb
Stuck down in trembling static
Noose hung with intended fear

I can’t sleep
Not the way it was
I can’t sleep
Gone with every chime
I can’t sleep
Lost patience with words uttered on
I can’t sleep
Repeating patterns thin and worn

Same speech kept but not wanted
An endless joke thinly stretched
Talk received in droves to calm
Only loud text but not useful paths
No end, no end

I can’t sleep

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