City Of Dull Numbers

January 11, 2022

This city is a virtue signal
Smudging away the truths
False coffers overflow streets
With the midnight skin wandering through

It doesn’t get easy seeing the stares
Overlooking ones that need a hand
Instead of bones brandished out
Warmth should be no problem to give

No worry is found up top
Lies of the suit, double seamed
Numbers move in favour of the coin
That buys guilt in spades

Built on blood of the poor
Sinew noise emanate beneath feet
Nails crushed and cracked to nothing
No recollection seen to the matter

Eyes glaze to self worth
Numbers dulled to pacify
Dulling to sleep of restrained regret
Bubbles scoffed to free pain

Eyes darting for recognition
Hands broken from the remarks
Dried until invisible and feared
Coppered clinks to fend off

Words tempered to one narrative
Brushed under the carpet again
Filed away in a dusty cabinet
No paper cuts cared for, only ink to wipe away

Gloried paper wanted for simple acts
Kindness strung with paycheck in mind
Camera strewn facades clipped for view
Vying for the shares and digital masturbation

Care not needed if no progression exists
Never for one day to give self love
Continued struggle carries on the next day
Unless you forget to do the part

A city of dulled numbers begging to live
Caring for the papered mask
It’s tent shell will rip in the end
From masses tackling for change

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