What, Where, Why

August 14, 2022

What the hell has happened?
Where has the time gone?

Dusty pathed memories.
Strewn with salted passings.
Vision tunneled, never ending.
Echoing past, present & future.
I can not see the end

Only the spherical dish.
Feeding the beast of torment.
Whipping the scarred back.
Blood blackened & dried from past torture.
Flowing thickly, collected for next day scrawlings.
Skin paper drying, ready for the lines

With words scattered in the air.
Not able to grasp sentences.
Spread far & wide.
No pen to wrangle them into.
No food to trick the daemons.
They dance ever so gingerly

Intent to stay where the grass grows.
Making camp, setting fires & cooking up a storm.
Plenty to go around

Yet the taste is stale & rotten.
The infinite hotel is full.
But more keep arriving

< Where?

Only >