Live Your Freedom

December 22, 2022

I will not live in your feared worry

That misplaced dried husk of doubt that feeds the smelly crotch I’m being told to bend my knees to

I’m a fucking dynamo.
I’m a fucking bulldozer.
I’m a fucking musician.
I’m a fucking artist.
I’m a fucking person living who they are

Your doubt can live.
But not in my life.
It will not be paved into my path of discovery in the future.
The path will only chip away with each doubt.
Leaving a hole where a person used to to be

I don’t have time for your feeding fear when there is so much to do & so much to experience

To live like a fetid corpse & not living is equal to death

I’d rather prefer death over the doubt & fear

Your doubt is death.
Your fear is death

Living is freedom

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