Ceramics Thought

January 13, 2018

Crack, it goes
Bit by ceramic bit, littering an ashy underneath
Lost translucent oils of a forgotten path pave the way
The fevered discovery swamps every aura corner to overflow

Wiping glistened joy, happiness not sensed in what seems eons
Constructed in hasty assorted manners
Not quite ready to play
Need to reacquaint & introduce oneself

The minor watched over in safety
Checking it’s sheet, ticking boxes
Trying to shake away the net
Letting go, it’s been needed

But the tool to help has not been present
Smash this jug, smash it til there is no more
Don’t bury. Simply destroy. Be rid. Be free

Free, a word not known for sleepless fear of never waking again
Free, haunting such a word of endless activities of futures near missed
With pasts ever tied to the downward spiral
No more

Flooded mind racing. Filling lungs. Expanding heart to show a pulse
Once dried and beat-less
Pounding once more
For them
For you

I feel right, but not sure
Please let this be it

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