The Blind Leading The Find

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We set our sights on what the world brings to us, again.
An auricular onslaught, delving into personal experiences & misfortunes of the less fortunate to have a voice & scream loud & proud

Things that happen day to day, but can be changed for the better

We live in a time where LGBTQIA+phobia is still rampant & getting worse. Misogyny & bigotry is the unwanted norm. Where politicians compete in virtue signalling to get votes. False smiles to gain popularity. With lies thriving & feeding, smudging the truth

The Blind Leading The Find approaches these injustices that are still gleefully acted upon, hurting so many in the process. With blind eyes turning, in favour of having a pittance given back, but losing so much more in the grand scheme of things

<< Between Space and Fear

Pain >>