Cellar Door

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CELLAR DOOR is a difficult personal journey. One that has taken a life of it’s own.
A story of harsh beginnings & tough decisions, but able to build from experiences & able to let go of it all in the face of adversity & doubt

Approaching subjects such as chronic pain, abuse, manic depression, suicide & loneliness.
But we shed light on these obstacles by respecting oneself in accepting that you can & should do good for yourself

A tough experience & it oozes out in this personal journey we are sharing in its rawest form.
Not shirking away from truths of what has been & is, but letting go of things & building your own sense of self.
Unapologetically yourself & to do what you can to live & be free to be happy, no matter the cost

Each song in CELLAR DOOR takes on theme or variations of the same theme, but approached in a different manner.
With the subtle stylings & realities of the spoken word tracks, to more hard hitting tracks that will not ease up.
It will be uncomfortable at times, but that’s ok

Change, originally the first single we released [alongside with Numb], has been totally remade to fit better with the albums motif.
CELLAR DOOR was supposed to be the first album we released, but we were unable to finish the album in time & already had enough material for The Blind Leading The Find, our first album

We comissioned RFG to illustrate the front & back cover. Be sure to check out & support their other great works

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