ERUERS aim to not leave any stone unturned.
Looking at personal endeavours & worldly goings-on.
With a biting narrative at how unfotunate & underespresented people are treated, with injustices that rule in favour of well-meaning action

An auricular onslaught glistening with poetry, walking up to the common questions of self, of being, & trying to make sense of what it is to be you.
To make sure no one affects that true self, for another personas narrative

Tackling forces like phobic facists, to sludgey governmental bodies affecting so many on a day to day basis.
Approaching personal endeavours of constant physical pain, mental health, trans-ness, queer-ness, disability & combating to live a fruitful life at a time where doing so is not of the social norm

ERUERS is not just a project for one type of person, but for anyone wanting to shed tears, to punch their fists in the air, to fight back & heal yourself

ERUERS does not post nor is part of ad-ridden platforms*: YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter & other sources.
These platforms only take & get away with so much awful behaviour, such as paying creators insanely low & executives insanely high, & ill-fittingly donating to military, to name but a few

ERUERS supports & uses platforms that give creators & makers a space where they can share & not be bombarded by monoliths.
We have chosen to take this stance & hope more will choose to not give into platforms that take your creative body

*We recently signed up to Instagram. It was something we thought about for a long time. But we felt it was the best of the worst. We needed to have some form of reach to a bigger audience, but more importantly, it's to help get gigs & other bookings & show what we do. This will make it easier.
Believe us, we are not happy we had to go down this route, but it needed to be done to help spread the word. We still aim to use our decentralised platforms just as much